Appointment System

Luxperience provides exhibitors with a customised appointment diary. Your diary will have a combination of Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSA) and Self-Scheduled Appointments (SSA).

Luxperience exhibitors can meet with both buyer and media delegates in their customised appointment diary.

Each appointment is 15 minutes in duration, with a 5-minute break between appointments. Your online diary will also include a pre-scheduled lunch break, morning break and afternoon break.

Key Dates
7 August Pre-Scheduled Appointment Diary Opens
30 AugustPre-Scheduled Appointment Diary Closes
11 September Self-Selected Appointments Open
7 October Final appointment diary live in the Luxperience App

Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSA)

You will have the chance to select your appointment preferences via an online form from 7 August.  Once the online form closes on 30 August, the Luxperience match making system will generate a minimum number of appointments based on the best mutually selected appointments. You will be able to view these via your online diary from 11 September.

Full details and instruction will be sent via email on 7 August and will also be accessible via the online manual.

It is your responsibility to make your preference selections and ensure that the minimum appointments are selected AND selections are ranked in order of preference. Failure to follow these recommendations will result in a diary without a minimum number of, or less likely matched appointments.

Self-Scheduled Appointments (SSA)

Once your online diary details are sent to you on 11 September,  you will be able to fill any available slots with a Self-Selected Appointment. These requests can be sent and accepted via the online diary.

Full details and instruction will be sent via email on 11 September and will also be accessible via the online manual.

Should you require any assistance with the online diary, please contact